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Webmail is a browser interface that allows you to access your email without an email program (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Incredimail or Mozilla Thunderbird).

@ctecg.co.za - addresses
If you have a ctecg.co.za email all you need to do is follow the link below and log into your webmail account with your browser: www.ctecg.co.za/webmail
The username is the full email address and the password is the email address' password.

Other email addresses
If you want to access your domain emails, simply type in the URL shown below, just replace the "domainname" with your domain's name, www.domainname.co.za/webmail i.e. if your domain is name.co.za, you will login to www.name.co.za/webmail

Please note:  If your email address is not hosted with CTECG you will need to contact the host for the email address.  If you are unsure about the host, please contact us - we can assist you to find out where your email address is hosted.

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