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We offer coverage in a wide area that stretches from Loskop Dam through Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Siyabuswa to Roedtan, from Denniton to Jane Furse.

We offer coverage in the following areas:

Steelpoort, Siyabuswa, Schoeman, Roossenekal, Rooiboskloof, Roetsplot, Roedtan, Perdekop, Monsterlus, Marble Hall, Maleoskop, Loskop Suid, Leeuwfontein, Kwanare, Kranspoort, Jane Furse, Groblersdal, Eloff, Dennilton, Delmas, Chrome Valley, Crushers, Crecy, Burgersfort, Bloempoort, Blinkwater, Bankplaas, Avontuur, Arotin, Stoffberg, Spitskop, Tafelkop, Terra Nostra, Toitskraal, Tompi Seleka, Vaalfontein, Verena, Valley's Best, Wintersveld, Zebediela

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Site surveys are performed on a no obligation -  free of charge basis.
The site surveys 'signal tests' are performed to determine the strength of the signal at the location and to provide a quotation on the equipment that will best suit your needs.


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