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Training is offered to Companies, Businesses and Professionals as well as Individuals.

Contact us for quotations on: 

Cindy, 083 457 3857, cindy@seterblanche.com

Core Framework Structure


Menu of Services and Fee Structure

1.1 Collecting, opening and sorting mail
1.2 Summaries of monthly overhead expenses for payment and submission to bookkeeper and payroll with back-up documentation attached.
1.3 Maintenance of personnel files
1.4 Summaries of wages – cash and card, and submission to payroll
1.5 Packing and delivery of cash wages
1.6 Receiving and sorting of creditors invoices
1.7 Preparation and processing of debtors invoices
1.8 Preparation of VAT submission documentation
1.9 Analysis and filing of accounts and invoices
1.10 Issuing and recording of order numbers
1.11 Email
1.12 General Filing
1.13 Reporting
1.14 Finance
1.14.1 Creditors Reconciliations and Payment Requisitions
1.14.2 Balance Sheet Reconciliations
1.14.3 Pastel Processing – capturing of all transactions to Trial Balance
1.14.4 Payroll Processing – wages and salaries
1.14.5 Statutory Returns preparations and submissions – VAT, PAYE, UIF and SDL
1.14.6 Preparation and submission of Diesel Rebates as part of the VAT
1.14.7 Month and year activity planning
1.14.8 Management Reports
1.14.9 Costing Analysis
1.14.10 Operating Expenses Analysis
1.14.11 Budgets and annual plans
1.14.12 Forecasting
1.14.13 Submission of CIPC documentation (Company Registrations etc.)
1.14.14 VAT and PAYE registrations
1.14.15 Draft Financial Statements
1.14.16 Preparation of Asset Register
1.14.17 Fixed Asset Procedures
1.14.18 Inventory and Stock Procedures
1.14.19 All Finance Policies and Procedures (A list is available)
1.14.20 Assistance with implementation of policies and procedures
1.15 Human Resources
1.15.1 Recruitment and secondment to clients
1.15.2 Skills Assessments and Salary Scales
1.15.3 Job Offers
1.15.4 Letters of Appointment
1.15.5 Contracts of Employment
1.15.6 All HR related documentation
1.15.7 All HR Policies and Procedures (A list is available)
1.15.8 Advice on Labour Relations, Negotiations and CCMA representation
1.15.9 Disciplinary and Grievance Policies and Procedures
1.15.10 Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings
1.15.11 Training of staff on finance budgeting, policies and procedures and HR
1.15.12 Mediation meetings
1.15.13 Assistance with implementation of policies and procedures
1.16 Strategic Development – there are several services available and these can be discussed should this be of interest to the client and will include services such as:
1.16.1 Mission and Vision
1.16.2 Goal Setting
1.16.3 Activity Planning
1.16.4 Project Planning and Implementation
1.17 Training (Informal)
1.17.1 Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word)
1.17.2 Pastel (Partner, Express, Evolution)
2 Should the client have additional requirements that are specific such as assistance with project implementation (Global Gap, ISO9000 etc.) this will be discussed at the convenience of the client once a progress review has taken place to establish the level of input required from both the client and CFS.

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