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Hotspot Info

Current Server Status Tue Jun 18 08:41:18 2019

Incoming Mail (POP)
Server running
Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
Server running
Internet Connectivity
Server running
Sites: All sites in order

Where do I find a CTECG hotspot?

You can connect to a CTECG Hotspot where you see these signs OR you can give us a call to find out if a hotspot is available near you


What does a token cost?

  • R 10.00 for 250 MB
  • R 20.00 for 500 MB
  • R 40.00 for 1 GB

How to buy a token?

  • Buy from the local outlet near the hotspot
  • Use FNB's e-Wallet, Vodacom's M-PESA or MTN's Mobile Money to send to:  084 600 9430

*If you need assistance, call CTECG on 076 979 0642

Vodacom's M-PESA  (Send to:  084 600 9430)

How to send money?

  • To send money with m-pesa dial *111#
  • Select m-pesa on the menu and enter your m-pesa PIN
  • Select 'Send money'
  • Select 'Enter recipient cell number' and then enter the cell number to send money to (084 600 9430)
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Select 'Confirm' to complete the transaction
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to you and the receiver
  • You will also receive an update on your m-pesa wallet

MTN (Send to: 084 600 9430)

Mobile Money is a safe, secure and affordable way to do your banking, and is available to customers on all cellphone networks.

With Mobile Money there are no monthly or annual account service fees, and no minimum account balance required.

With Mobile Money, you can:

  • Send money instantly to any active South African cellphone number (084 600 9430)
  • Go to 'Mobile Money' menu, select 'Transfer Money' and 'Mobile User'
  • Enter and repeat receiver’s mobile number, amount, reference e.g. 'Internet Token' (optional), confirm details and enter Mobile Money PIN
    You will receive a confirmation message of the successful transfer.