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Receiving Faxes

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Receiving faxes with Fax2Mail

After registration for the service, you'll receive a 086-number, linked to your email address.  When someone wants to send you a fax, they dial this number, hear a fax-tone, and will send you the fax.  You'll receive an email with the fax as a .pdf attachment.


  • Receive faxes as .pdf attachments on e-mail
  • Free of charge!
  • No configuration required
  • Confidential
  • High quality faxes 
  • No fax machine, additional telephone line or fax paper required
  • Receive faxes where ever you are
  • Store faxes in electronic format for filing and referencing




  • An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration, with the fax2mail number (086...)
  • Click the link on the e-mail to confirm and thereby complete the registration process 
  • The number will be registered immediately, but it takes 2 - 4 hours for the number to be activated

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