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Ndlovu Medical Trust is a NGO funded by various donors including the Department of Health. It provides healthcare to thousands of patients in Moutse East in Limpopo. Ctecg has been Ndlovu Medical Trust’s ISP since 2007 and have also supplied us with long range wireless links for our different sites. Due to the rural location of our sites, no other provider was able to accommodate us.

I am pleased to write that CTECG have always provided us with a world class service and excellent turnaround times on faults and I gladly recommend them to anyone.

Best Regards
Henry Marnitz - NCG: IT Manager
15 June 2015


Over the past six years we have built up a very good business relationship with CTECG. Their quick response time, willingness to go the extra mile, excellent after hours assistance and friendly service, ensures the smooth running of systems in our organization. We primarily use their services for the following: • Neotel-based wifi internet for the business side • Internet installations at our employees’ residences • Installation of all wifi antennae and stations – Mikrotik and Ubiquiti • Mikrotik programming and routing • Earthing of equipment • All high-site installations • Global Mailboxes

They have assisted us with general IT installations when necessary, as well as cabled network installations at times when we were short of staff and time.

Yours Sincerely
Francois - IT Technician/LAN Administrator - Hendrik Schoeman Boerdery(Pty)Ltd Moosriver
06 June 2011


I confirm that I have dealt with CTECG since 2010, during which time they have provided Datacentrix with excellent support in the areas of onsite support, network optimisation, wireless support , desktop support and site documentation (Asset Register and Network Diagrams). CTECG's work has been a major factor in our onsite success, helping it to become one of the most reliable and stable infrastructures.

I can confidently recommend CTECG as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Yours faithfully
Henry Martin - Service Manager - Datacentrix
28 June 2011

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